Join Engineering Change Lab USA (ECL) on June 18 for their upcoming virtual summit 鈥淭he Engineering Workforce of the Future: Challenges, Key Leverage Points and Innovative Strategies鈥 to explore the future of the engineering workforce. 

The summit will consist of panels and speakers who will respond to key questions relative to the systemic forces shaping the future workforce, including the looming enrollment cliff facing higher education and the persistent challenge of attracting traditionally marginalized individuals to pursue careers in engineering. ECL President & Executive Director Mike McMeekin said, 鈥淚 am interested in how an increased emphasis on a purpose-driven approach to engineering education and engineering practice can be a strategy to counteract exclusive systemic forces.鈥 

The summit delves into innovative ideas for addressing current and future challenges, including inclusivity, or lack thereof. Attendees can also expect to learn how to grow the engineering community, especially when it comes to attracting women and other under-represented groups of people in the workforce. With such an essential topic to the entire engineering workforce, even organization leaders, human resources representatives and strategic planning team members can benefit from this summit. 

鈥淚 hope that attendees will come away from our summit with new learning regarding inclusive and purpose-driven cultures in engineering organizations and innovative ideas and strategies for addressing workforce challenges,鈥 McMeekin said. 

澳门一肖一码一必中一肖 is pleased聽to promote this important summit in support of ECL and its mission. 澳门一肖一码一必中一肖 CEO Michael K. J. Milligan said, 鈥淲e鈥檝e had a strong relationship with ECL USA over the past several years as we work together to help develop the next generation of STEM professionals focused on solving the most complex challenges facing our world. Working together we can make a difference.鈥

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The Engineering Change Lab-USA (ECL-USA) is a social change lab founded in 2017 that seeks to connect, share information, and collaborate with individuals and stakeholder groups within the engineering community. We are explorers and change leaders from across the engineering community, committed to unlocking the full potential of engineering for the benefit of society. 

ECL-USA convenes two or three times a year to share perspectives, deepen our understanding of engineering鈥檚 emerging future, and to launch experiments and focused initiatives designed both to foster change in the entire engineering system.